Effects of Different Potting Media on the Growth of Commercial Cacti

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ผลของวัสดุปลูกที่มีผลต่อการเจริญเติบโตของกระบองเพชร 4 สกุล


This research aims to study the appropriate growing media for the growth of cacti that can reduce production costs and promote cacti’s growth. The research used four genera of cacti, i.e., Gymnocalycium, Astrophytum, Mammillaria, and Echinopsis, which were famous in the commercial market in Thailand. The experimental design was completely randomized designs (CRD) with four different growing media and three replications; T1) fermented rain tree leaves (FRTL): perlite: vermiculite: pumice: vermicompost as a control, T2) FRTL: rice husk: coconut coir: charcoal: vermicompost, T3) FRTL: rice husk ash: coconut husks chips: expanded clay: vermicompost and T4) rice husk ash: vermicompost. The plant was cultivated the plastic pot 2-inches and collected the growth for six months. The result showed that Mammillaria was planted in Treatment 3 gave the greatest stem diameter and the number of roots. A similar increase in stem diameter of Echinopsis and Gymnocalycium had the newest areoles. While planted in T4, as a result, the genus Astrophytum has increased in stem diameter, the number of new areoles, and the number of roots. In the Gymnocalycium also found an increase in stem diameter. Therefore, the use of cacti growing media in T3 as an appropriate for the growth of cacti. Furthermore, it can reduce the production cost of growing media about 0.72 baht per pot (33%) when compared with the commercial media (T1) in a 2-inches plastic pot.


Nowadays, there are many people who are interested in growing cacti. But the planting materials that farmers use are expensive. Causing cactus growers to find alternative materials to reduce production costs. By choosing materials that have similar properties to the materials used and that there are enough nutrients to meet the needs of the cactus. To be suitable for the growth of cacti and reduce the cost of cactus production.

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