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The Multiply

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The Multiply


The purpose of this architectural capstone project is to use methods of design thinking to solve a real-world problem.  Child abuse, particularly child labor through migrants, is a practical issue in Thailand at the moment.  Research and investigation into this matter revealed that migrant child laborers are subjected to unfair and inequitable treatment, which imposes restrictions on their rights. This abstract recognizes the complexity and varied aspects of the issue of migrant child labor and the urgent need for serious intervention. The proposed design intervention, a social programme within a mobile architecture, would focus on empowering migrant families to work for their survival. The strategy for reducing child abuse and providing migrant children with the resources they need to reclaim their right to a happy childhood has been laid out during the research and design phases.


Families in poverty often struggle to provide for their most basic needs and may end up depending on their kids to work and provide for the family. Unfortunately, this increases the chance that children may experience child abuse because they might be used not just by employers but also by their own families. The upsetting reality is that children are occasionally made to perform dangerous work in order to ensure the life of their families, asking the question of whether the child's or the family's life comes first. Defining that there is unfair and unequal treatment of migrant child laborers, restricting their rights.

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