Isolation of microorganisms from water kefir for the application of sourdough production



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Water kefir is a healthy fermented drink that is still available today with its bubbly, gaseous and slightly acidic properties. The benefits of kefir are that it is resistant to lactic acid bacteria that also It has live properties as a 'probiotic' that can ferment kefir water. It is produced from water kefir seeds that have a gel structure that contains 5 to 20 mm of nuts, looking like cauliflower and can be fermented to grow in. Highlights of sucrose, a source of living things (carbon source) with fresh fruit or dried fruit that is a source of nitrogen (Nitrogen source) The source of fermentation is water. Kefir grains are the same part as vegetarian grains. It is a mixture of bacteria and yeast that live in the same polysaccharides as water. Kefir grains are usually formed in a way that breaks down. Different and different gardens. of microorganisms in lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and yeast bacteria in quantity and species.
            Features of using water kefir grains Water kefir grains can be used. There are also research studies on the microorganisms in water kefir grains can be sourdough by sourdough, normally for bread, for leavening the dough, which helps extend its life. Improved nutritional properties with a special content of active substances. See the taste of sourdough bread based on lactic acid bacteria and yeast. Manufacturers control systems combined with sourdough bread ingredients used for breads produced from the product. Many types of biotics that have a positive effect on health



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ทรงศักดิ์ วัฒนชัยเสรีกุล
Songsak Wattanachaisaereekul


ทัศพร โตธนะเกษม
Tataporn Todhanakasaem



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